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Upcoming Events & Celebrations

Gregory Norbert's Hosea Mountain Retreat
October 14th thru 16th
Join Gregory Norbert and his Hosea Ministry for their annual weekend of spiritual renewal and self- improvement as they sing hymns and reflect on the glory of the creator.  
Thanksgiving Weekend Celebrations
November 23rd thru 27th
Thanksgiving is always a special time here in Landgrove as we are thankful to inhabit this very special place that so many refer to as “Shangri La.” Join us for a quiet, bountiful respite away from the hustle and bustle of urban life! Special Getaway Packages available.
Scrapbooking with Kathy McMahon
November 11th thru 13th
Annual Sankta Lucia Celebration
December 10th
Our most popular annual event, Sankta Lucia is the perfect kick-off to the holiday season. Join Carl Eric and the rest of the “Nordic Harmoni” choir on Saturday, December 12th as they evoke the spirit of the season when they sing your favorite Christmas Carols in more languages than you could ever imagine. Read more!


Yoga Retreat with Lori Zucker and Ellen 
December 2nd thru 4th
Taught by 2 experienced Physical Therapists and Yoga instructors, this workshop combines the best of a yoga retreat with the best of a continuing education course.  This workshop is perfect for rehabilitation specialists interested in understanding and integrating yoga practices, including breathing, meditation and asanas (postures), into a rehabilitation plan of care.  Participants will learn the principles that guide yoga asanas, alignment and sequencing which can inform selection and execution of therapeutic exercises for patients and clients.

Lectures about the science of yoga, including breathing and meditation, will be interactive and include a critical review of peer-reviewed literature.  Lab activities will allow participants to practice and observe elements of a yoga practice applied to different patient populations.  Participants will also learn about and experience differentstylesof yoga, so that referrals for yoga can be made.  
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